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  • Madisyn loves to move to the music. Enjoy a sensual striptease that will keep you up as long as you need. Then, go beyond your wildest expectations for a big finish. She's a top for sure, and a bottom in training who needs a good teacher!
  • Mouths and tongues on me. Kiss me, Lick me, suck me. Play with my nipples just right and I might finish with you. Call me sexy, a queen, your mistress, a good girl, a bad girl, a slut or a dirty little whore. Call me anything! Sweet or nasty or both.
  • Fellatio: please let me go down on you. Dominance: I didn't know how much I liked being in control until I started doing this, and now I want more. Obey your Mistress! My favorite talent is getting hard without touching my rocket, only nipple stimulation!

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